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BANDAI Punitapi Chan Peach Milk Tea Maze Maze Mix 2020 JAPAN OFFICIAL

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Set Contents: 

Main unit of Punitapi-chan...1


User's manual...1

The straw is transparent behind the LCD screen, and when you move it, the screen reacts and makes sounds as if it were a real drink.

In this game, you can use the straw to make your own drinks by collecting as many Punitapi-chan as you can.

In "Tapi Katsu," the game where you collect Puni-Tapi, you can catch Puni-Tapi by poking and squeezing the straw.

In "Drink Making", you can make your own original drink by choosing ingredients and mixing them with the straw.

You can also take care of the Punitapi you catch by poking them. There are also six other mini-games.