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MegaHouse ART WORKS MONSTERS Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Blue Eyes White Dragon

von MegaHouse
Originalpreis $305.64 - Originalpreis $305.64
$305.64 - $305.64
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Condition: NEW

Brand: MegaHouse

Material: PVC,ABS

Size: H280mm

The "ART WORKS MONSTERS" series, which had been developed as a monster figure brand, is starting up again!

The first in the series is one of the most popular monsters from "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters", the Blue-Eyed White Dragon!

From concept design to sculpting and coloring, sculptor Kenji Ando has created a powerful 280mm high figure of the dragon with its wings spread wide as it stares down at its enemies!

The detailed modeling and body surface expressions are so convincing that you can almost hear her breathing and screaming as she is about to be summoned into action.

The distinctive body is beautifully colored with pearl paint throughout.

The blue gradation has been sprayed in fine detail in key areas to give it a more three-dimensional feel.

The wings are painted with clear material to reproduce the thinness of the wing membrane when the wings are spread wide.

The claws and other parts of the figure are also made of clear material and colored with a hint of transparency, creating a difference in texture at key points to realistically express the presence of the creature.


As the strongest servant of the sea horse, she always stands close to him, and her overwhelming presence and powerfully beautiful figure will keep anything that confronts her at bay.

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