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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway of the Flash Theater Limited Edition Blu-ray JAPAN

Originalpreis $131.28 - Originalpreis $131.28
$131.28 - $131.28
Derzeitiger Preis $131.28

Condition: Brand NEW

Brand: Bandai

BD: 100min (95min for the main feature + 5min for the video bonus) + 171min for the bonus BD

BD: Dolby Atmos, Linear PCM (Stereo)/AVC/BD50G/16:9<1080p High Definition

Japanese, English, French, Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan and Hong Kong), Simplified Chinese with subtitles (can be turned on and off)

Special BD: Linear PCM (Stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16:9 <1080i High Definition

Theatrical limited edition bonus

Novel "Mobile Suit Gundam: Senko no Hathaway" upper volume (Author: Yoshiyuki Tomino / Cover illustration: Haruhiko Mikimoto)

Newly-recorded reading CD (novel "Mobile Suit Gundam: Senko no Hathaway" vol. 1 / set of 6 CDs / total length 407 minutes)

Enclosed bonus

Original soundtrack CD (Music: Hiroyuki Sawano)

Special bonus disc

GUMDAM FAN GATHERING - "Senko no Hathaway" Heirs to GUNDAM-.

A fan event held at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) on March 24, 2020. The main cast and theme song artists were announced, and Toru Furuya and Shuichi Ikeda recorded live recording of famous scenes from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack"!

GUNPLA EXPO 2020 "Mobile Suit Gundam: Senko no Hathaway" Special Stage

The complete recording of the special stage held on November 12, 2020 at Gunpla Expo!

Hiroyuki Sawano / Project【emU】"MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN" suite Includes a performance by Hiroyuki Sawano, who is in charge of the music for "Senko no Hathaway", in front of the "moving Gundam" at GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA!

Special booklet (16 pages)

Video extras

Trailer / Special report video 1 / Special report video 2 / Teaser PV / Trailer 1

Audio bonus

Audio commentary

First half: Kensho Ono (Hathaway Noah), Rena Ueda (Gigi Andalusia), Junichi Suwaube (Kenneth Slegg)

Second half: Kensho Ono (Hathaway Noah), Souma Saito (Lane Aim), Naohiro Ogata (Sunrise Producer)


Newly designed sleeve case by Pablo UCHIDA (character designer)