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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Hori Pad Mini Nintendo Switch Compatible JAPAN

von Nintendo
Originalpreis $179.88 - Originalpreis $179.88
$179.88 - $179.88
Derzeitiger Preis $179.88

Condition: NEW

Brand: Hori

Platform: Nintendo Switch

It is a small controller with a wired connection compatible with Nintendo Switch. The rounded grip makes it easy to use even for small children.

It has a cute design inspired by the starry sky and shooting stars in the "Animal Crossing" game.

Equipped with continuous fire / continuous fire hold function. You can set continuous fire and continuous fire hold in 3 steps of 5 times / 10 times / 20 times per second.

You can play games by connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock via USB. Multiple units can be connected. It corresponds to PC (Xinput).

* Please use this product by connecting it to the Nintendo Switch dock. It cannot be connected to the Nintendo Switch itself.