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WXDi-P06 Wicross TCG Booster Pack WELCOME BACK DIVA selector DP-BOX ZA-19

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Condition: NEW

Brand: Takara Tomy

ContentsCards (8) x 14 Pack

The long awaited WIXOSS fans "Pirruk", "Yuzuki", and "Uris" are joining the Diva Selection!

"There are also a number of "memory signatures" that are the forms of rigs that have become signatures, such as Eldora and Iona.

In the latest user survey, "Pirruk" was tied with "Tama" for first place among the 47 types of rigs, while "Yuzuki" and "Uris" are among the most popular.

A number of new "memory signatures" are included, such as Eldora and Iona, which carry the power of the rigs.

Special illustrations for the rigs and memory signatures!

7 new cards in the world!


Release date is 30th of October 2021.

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