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Fast delivery !! No matter how many products you order, the shipping cost is the same !
Fast delivery !! No matter how many products you order, the shipping cost is the same !

P-BANDAI Ultraman Trigger DX Guts Hyper Key Premium Key Set Vol.1 LIMITED JAPAN

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Condition: NEW


Size: H85 mm x W30 mm x D25 mm


Ultraman Ginga Key ... 1

Ultraman Victory Key ... 1

Ultraman Orb His Orb Origin Key ... 1

Ultraman Rosso Flame Key ... 1

Ultraman Bull Aqua Key ... 1


Instruction manual ... 1

This product is a set of the Guts Hyper Keys of New Generation Heroes, which is the Ultraman series work after "Ultraman Ginga" from the "Guts Hyper Key Series" that appears in "Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA".

A total of 10 types of guts hyperkeys will be divided into two sets of five each, and will be commercialized with the "DX guts hyperkey Premium" specification, which has a stronger built-in audio volume and play value than the normal DX guts hyperkeys.

Vol.1 is a set of 5 pieces: Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, Ultraman Orb His Orb Origin, Ultraman Rosso His Flame, and Ultraman Bull His Aqua.

Each guts hyper key has abundant built-in voices such as transformation sounds, shouts, character voices, special move sounds, color timer sounds, theme songs that symbolize each Ultraman, and short press the button on the main unit. You can play the sounds in order with.

Also, if you press and hold the button for a long time, the state will switch to three modes, and the content of the audio will change as follows.

1. 1. Hyper key mode (transformation play mode)

It is a mode specialized for impersonator play similar to the one in the play.

When you press the button, the guts hyper key activation sound will be heard, and by setting it to "DX guts sparkling (sold separately)", the transformation sequence voice of each Ultraman will be activated. Also, if you operate the trigger of Guts Sparklens after the transformation play, you will hear the sounds in the play such as shouts and sound effects.

2. 2. BGM Yes / Transformation play mode

Based on how to play "Hyper Key Mode", BGM is automatically played after transformation play.

Each key contains the theme song that colored the work.

In addition, the guts hyper key of the hero who has the decision line in the transformation sequence will activate the corresponding dialogue voice during the transformation play.

Example) Ultraman Rosso Flame Key: "Wearing fire! Guren no Haze !!"

Ultraman Bull Aqua Key: "Wearing water! Azure sea !!"

3. 3. Sound mode

This mode allows you to play the transformation sounds, shouts, character voices, and theme songs built into the Guts Hyper Key in order each time you press the button.

Each guts hyper key is also linked with the separately sold "DX Circle Arms", and you can enjoy special move play.


LR44 × 10 (included)

* The set battery is for testing.

Release date is 29th of June 2022.

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