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Amazing Yamaguchi No.018 Izuku Midoriya My Hero Academia Action Figure ZA-25

por Revoltech
Precio original $153.13 - Precio original $153.13
Precio original
$153.13 - $153.13
Precio actual $153.13

Condition: NEW

Brand: Kaiyodo

Material: PVC,ABS

Size: H150mm

From "My Hero Academia" comes a magnificent figure of the main character, Izuhisa Midoriya!  The costume, which has been frequently modified throughout the series, features "Costume Gamma", which was developed to match the new "Shoot Style" fighting technique to reduce the burden on his injured arm. The basic green suit has been recreated with additional protectors, protective supporters for the arms, and the most notable feature, the iron soles of the spikes and armor, to create a rugged look around the feet. Katsuhisa Yamaguchi's highly expressive movable gimmick is perfect for the "shooting style" action, where he uses his enhanced physical abilities to jump around and fight mainly with kicks!  In addition, the "One for All Full Cowl," which strengthens the body by circulating the inherited power throughout the body, is represented by effects that can be freely attached to various parts of the body. An effect sheet with American comic-book touches is also included, allowing you to enjoy the activities of the hero candidate "Deku" to the fullest!

Release date is middle of September 2021.

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Kevin Dilger

just perfect