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BANDAI Digital Monster Digimon Ghost Game Vital Breath DigiVice V JAPAN

Prix d'origine $70.86 - Prix d'origine $70.86
Prix d'origine
$70.86 - $70.86
Prix ​​actuel $70.86

Condition: NEW


Language: Japanese

"Digimon Ghost Game Broadcast Commemorative Vital Breath DigiVice V-" is now available from the wearable LCD toy series "Vital Breath" that allows you to develop and evolve your character according to your heart rate and step count.

This is a Digivice used by the three children who appear in the TV anime "Digimon Ghost Game".
It has a built-in NFC chip, and by touching an NFC-equipped smartphone that emits radio waves or an IC device such as a card reader in the city with an application, etc., it is possible for Digimon to auto-battle.
If you use the dedicated app, you can manage the raised Digimon, register the picture book, and battle online.
Equipped with a sleep function from this product. Furthermore, the evolution cycle is faster.
Part of the screen display has been changed to make the play of "Vital Breath Digital Monster" smoother.

By inserting an optional Dim Card, you can change the area and breeding Digimon.
Includes one "Gammamon Dim Card".


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Daniele Moretti
Vital Bracelet

Very satisfied of this article, if you are a digimon fan i would suggest to buy it.
About ToysOneJapan, apart for the covid delay for the deliver (obviusly is not theyr fault) everything went ok with the express delivery

Mario Sonic

BANDAI Digital Monster Digimon Ghost Game Vital Breath DigiVice V JAPAN

A fun and engaging device

I was super excited to purchase this once I found out the vital breaths existed. Having been a long time fan of Digimon I had always hoped for more digimon based games and products like this! The price was great considering how expensive game/show related things are now a day and I have not been disappointed with my Digivice V It is super fun and exciting to watch how my digimon evolve and grow according to my activity and life style always keeping me guessing as to what evolution I will get next. I would highly recommend this to any Digimon fans you know.

It's lots of fun

This watch makes me wanna walk around whit my dog for hours. It's a really fun little plaything especially if you are a fan of Digimon.

Vu Chung

BANDAI Digital Monster Digimon Ghost Game Vital Breath DigiVice V JAPAN