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Encyclopaedia Eorzea The World of FINAL FANTASY XIV Volume II Book JAPAN

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Condition: NEW

Brand: Square Enix

Size: A4

Page: 304p

A 304-page book with eight chapters detailing Eorzea's logic, history, countries, culture, lands, people, and demons.
The only world setting book for Final Fantasy XIV, written by the development team themselves, is finally available!

Chapter 1: The World... The world of Eorzea, including ethereal and crystal logic, faith, mythology, and geography.

Chapter 2: History... A look back at the history of Eorzea from the First Spiritual Disaster to the Dragon Poem War.

Chapter 3: Races... Reveals the history and culture of the six major races living in Eorzea, including Hulan and Lalafell.

Chapter 4: City-States and Regions...Introduces the origins, culture, organization, and people of the major countries and regions.

Chapter 5: Organizations and People...The organizations created by the aspirations and purposes of each, and the people who belong to them.

Chapter 6: Jobs... An explanation of the combat skills adventurers learn, including their origins, skills, equipment, and people.

Chapter 7: Beastmen and Barbarian Gods... The culture and customs of the Amarja and other beastmen, as well as the barbarian gods they invoke.

Chapter 8: Eorzea Natural History... Various beasts, demons, and monsters that inhabit Eorzea are categorized by type.

Written by Mari Oda, Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, and Natsuko Ishikawa, Final Fantasy XIV Development Team
Supervised by Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV