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Kotobukiya Megami Device AUV Susanowo 1/1 Scale Model Kit Figure JAPAN OFFICIAL

Prix d'origine $231.93 - Prix d'origine $231.93
Prix d'origine
$231.93 - $231.93
Prix ​​actuel $231.93


Condition: NEW

Brand: Kotobukiya

Material: PVC,ABS

Scale: 1/1

All of the body parts have been newly designed to give you a glamorous proportions.

The mechanical arms and legs have a frame structure that allows for a wider range of customization. The armor can be removed to expose the frame, where you can attach parts of your choice.

A variety of armed parts such as "Insane Mode" and "Brutal Mode" can be reassembled to change the shape of the figure.

The main weapon, the Amamurakumo Sword, can be transformed into various forms such as a gun or a tail with many joints.

Three pre-painted face parts are included.

The armed mode with armor on, and the unarmored mode with armor off can be recreated with replaceable parts.

She can be posed in both armed and unarmed modes.

A variety of weapon parts and joint parts are included. A variety of weapon parts and joint parts are included, allowing you to play with her in a variety of combat scenarios.

The 3mm diameter joints on each part and the interchangeability of the head allow for use with the existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Hexagear and Sosai Shoujo Garden series.

Decals for the eyes and markings are included.




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