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SONY REON POCKET Special neckband New Accessory Main unit sold separately JAPAN

par Sony
Prix d'origine $39.01 - Prix d'origine $39.01
Prix d'origine
$39.01 - $39.01
Prix ​​actuel $39.01

Condition: NEW

Brand: SONY

Sony REON POCKET is not included.

Sony RNPB-N1 / W "REON POCKET" dedicated neckband white

Simply hang REON POCKET around your neck in a wide range of styles, and you can easily use REON POCKET (sold separately) without any discomfort in appearance.

Please use it in a wide range of styles such as T-shirts and polo shirts.

* If you cover the top of REON POCKET with a shirt such as a tight inner, the cooling effect may be weakened.

If you are using an inner, we recommend a special inner shirt.

Stable fit that won't come off even if you move By using a material that fits around your neck, both men and women, the cool and warm parts of REON POCKET will come into close contact with each other, achieving a stable fit that won't slip off even if you move. doing.

Supports a wide range of people from 30 cm to 44 cm around the neck.

Both cold and hot REON POCKET (sold separately) can be used in both "summer" and "winter".