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Tamiya 56511 (TROP11) Truck Trailer Multi-Function Control Unit MFC-01 JAPAN

par Tamiya
Prix d'origine $266.51 - Prix d'origine $266.51
Prix d'origine
$266.51 - $266.51
Prix ​​actuel $266.51

Condition: NEW


1/14 Electric RC trailer head is built in to create a more realistic feeling by linking the sound, lighting of various lights, and body vibration.
The multi-function control unit (MFC-01) is the center that links sound, light and vibration to each action.
The sound of the engine is from the beat of an actual vehicle equipped with a large displacement diesel engine.
In addition to truck-specific air dryer sounds, various air sounds, shift change sounds, electronic sounds such as warning sounds and back buzzers, and connection / disconnection sounds with a semi-trailer have been reproduced.
Nine types of 20 lights can be turned on using high-intensity LEDs that emit vivid light.
In addition, the car body vibrates according to the engine speed.
MFC-01 unit

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Benigno Pérez

Good very good