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Animal Crossing New Horizons Original Soundtrack First Limited Edition CD JAPAN

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The BGM used in the game is included on four CDs. In the game, the BGM changes every hour in a 24-hour day.

The CD contains all of the BGM, including arrangements for different weather conditions, so you can enjoy BGM that matches the time and weather conditions in the game in real life.

It also includes 173 tracks of BGM for each facility on the island and for each event. As a bonus track, a remote live performance of the opening theme that was released on the official Twitter last May will also be included.

A total of 95 instrumental versions of songs by the popular character "Totetakeru", who is well known in the series, are now included on 3 CDs.

You can enjoy the songs that are not available in the game unless you meet certain timing and conditions on the CD.

This is an instrumental recording, so there is no singing by Totetakeru.