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BANDAI Battle Spirits Collaboration starter Evangelion SD62 BOX JAPAN OFFICIAL

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Prezzo originale $54.48 - Prezzo originale $544.80
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$54.48 - $534.80
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Condition: NEW


Language: Japanese

1BOX: 6 packs

<per pack>

1 set of pre-built deck (40 cards)

10 replacement cards

50 card sleeves

1 play sheet

30 Cores


1 Soul Core


Total 18 kinds + 5 kinds


Common: 10, Rare: 4, Master Rare: 2, X-Rare: 1, Reincarnation Rare: 1, Campaign Card: 5

Collaborative starter specifications to get you started right away! Constructed stacking deck, core, and sleeve!

Decks based on the themes of "New Movie: Introduction" and "New Movie: Ripped"! Contains popular aircraft such as the first and second machines!

Contains general-purpose cards with Eva illustrations! Contains general-purpose cards with new Eva illustrations!


The lineup is designed to make it easy for new users to build their decks for this volume!

Release date is 18th of December 2021.

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