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Bushiroad Shadowverse EVOLVE 1st Booster Pack Box The Dawn of Creation Card Game

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Condition: NEW

Brand: Bushiroad

Language: Japanese

Set contents: 1 pack of 8 cards 16 packs per box

■Shadowverse, which has long been played as a smartphone game, is now available as a paper card game.

It was released by Bushiroad, one of Japan's leading card game brands.

■The basics are the same as the app version

Although the card design is different from the app version, the basic rules are almost the same as the app version. Use followers, spells, and amulets to reduce your opponent's health to zero for the win.

■Two decks are used in the game.

Decks can be made up of 40 to 50 cards. In addition to the decks, you can build up to 10 Evolve decks. Only the cards in this Evolve Deck can be evolved.

Classes that can be used include Neutral, Elf, Royal, Witch, Dragon, Bishop, and the mixed class of Necro and Vamp, Nightmare.

Details Number of card types

180 Rarity + Parallel

LG (Legendary): 22 types

GR (Gold Rare): 37 types

SR (Silver Rare): 57

BR (Bronze Rare): 64 types

+Various +Parallel

Classes included








・Each pack must contain at least one GR!

・This pack will mainly contain cards from the "Classic Card Packs" and "Basic Cards" from the early release of the "Shadowverse" smartphone app.

・A number of cards are included to enhance the starter decks released at the same time.

Card size: 63mm x 88mm

Deck construction rules: 40-50 cards in the main deck, 0-10 cards in the Evolve deck. Up to 3 cards of the same name.

Choose a leader card and build it with cards of that leader's class and "Neutral" cards.

Bushiroad Shadowverse EVOLVE 1st Booster Pack Box The Dawn of Creation Card Game TCG

Customer Reviews

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james tsoukalas
Good price

I wose so excited for the this release for shadowverse evolve trail decks and booster box