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Encyclopaedia Eorzea The World of FINAL FANTASY XIV Volume II Book JAPAN

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The First Book: Hydaelyn

Voyage to the farthest reaches of Othard and back, learning of differences in faith, culture, and language with our Far Eastern neighbors.

The Second Book: Her Tales

Follow the continuing history of Eorzea and her allies, and its culmination in the liberation of Doma and Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire.

The Third Book: Her Lands

Visit the regions of Gyr Abania and the Far East, their unique peoples and cultures, their landmarks.

The Fourth Book: Her Servants

Become acquainted with the era’s most prominent players and the organizations to which they belong.

The Fifth Book: Her Bounds

Explore the realm’s darkest and most dangerous locales, from the caverns of Vylbrand to the abysmal depths of Othard’s Ruby Tide.

The Sixth Book: Her Designs

Unlock the secrets of trades once forgotten while marveling at the myriad martial wonders mankind has forged.

The Seventh Book: Her Burdens

Discover the mysteries of the Far East’s more unique races and the mighty deities they worship.

The Eighth Book: Her Creatures

Encounter all manner of marvelous myths and monsters who call Hydaelyn their home.