BANDAI Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger DX Gaisoul Ken sword JAPAN OFFICIAL IMPORT

by Bandai

Condition: NEW


Battery Type: AAA x2 (sold separately)

Including Gaisoul and DX KyoryugersoulThe living suit of armor, set on fighting the world's strongest fighters, has ties to the Ryusoul Tribe! The warrior uses the Gaisoul Ken, a recolored Ryusoul Ken to initiate his attacks. The Gaisoul Ken includes a whole new set of sounds and is capable of reading several Ryusouls. Included is the Gai Soul, the transformation Ryusoul for Gaisorg, as well as the collectible Kyoryuger Ryusoul, a Ryusoul modeled after Gabutyra and Kyoryuzin!