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BANDAI MG Iron-Blooded Orphans Gundam Barbatos 1/100 Scale Model kit JAPAN


Condition: NEW


Scale: 1/100

1/100 scale but easy to make
The number of parts is small, and it is easy for light users to assemble, and the color reproduction by the parts is also made, and the specification is even more impressive.

Internal frame structure reproduction
Reproduce the details of the internal frame structure as set in the play. You can enjoy watching the structure of the aircraft while making it.

Enhanced weapon-linked gimmicks
The long-range gun (provisional) can be transformed into a storage state with a slide mechanism. The sword (provisional) also reproduces the suspension to the backpack using the included joint parts.

[Accessories] Sword (temporary) x 1, long-range gun (temporary) x 1, backpack arm x 2, weapon holder (left and right) x 1 each, palm (left and right) x 1 each
[Product Contents] Molded product x10, foil seal x1, assembly manual x1

About Gundam Barbatos
A mobile suit that has been used as a CGS power furnace for a long time with one of the Gundam frames that was used in the "Tough Festival" 300 years ago.
The CGS boys who were attacking the galalhorn suddenly started up, and the crescent moon entered.
Since a long time has passed since the "Tadai Festival", the armor has deteriorated and the original performance has not been achieved. Use a large jar as a weapon.