BANDAI Tamagotchi Meets Magical Meets ver. Purple JAPAN OFFICIAL IMPORT


Condition: NEW


A magical little magical Tamagotchi meeting! In Tamagotchi Meets! M! X In addition to playing twins are born, Tama pet joins in! That's why my only Tamagotchi (Now Tama) who is super unique and different each time will grow up! Let's further talk about 'Tamagotchi Miyatsu' to Naughama who is raised and boast to users all over the country! ※ Magical Mine Ver. Limited Odekake Saki is "Magical Land", Limited Character is "Major" and "Rolling Stock" two characters. ● Ultra unique personality 'Now how' can be raised! ● In Tamagotchi Muta, breeding variations overwhelmingly power up! ● Twins are appearing! ● Tama pet is also m! X ● 'Na tama' Variation is over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000! Batteries used: AA 4 x 2 (sold separately) Age: 6 years old