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BANDAI Tamagotchi x Evangelion Evatchi EVA-00/01/02 3 model full set complete JP

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SizeW70mm × H130mm × D30mm

BatteriesLR44 x 2

Set Contents

 EVA-00 prototype Rei Ayanami model

 EVA-01 test type first model


 EVA-02 production model Asuka model

Nerv, a special agency, has developed a technique for raising apostles that have been reduced to the state of the fetus in L.C.L. filled with an egg-shaped outer shell.

The egg-shaped special armor was used as a restraint device to suppress runaway of the apostle who was being trained and to take it out of the research institute as it was, and it was named "General Egg-Type Battle Evacchi".

You, the staff of the special agency Nerv, take on the task of using "Evacchi" to train apostles.

What is its purpose? Why are training devices positioned as weapons of decisive battle?

Your mission, which survived the second impact while leaving various mysteries, begins now.