GSI Creos Gundam Marker Airbrush System Hobby Coating Equipment GMA01(No Spray)

by GSI Creos
Condition: NEW

Brand: GSI Creos

It is a simple airbrush system that can enjoy spray painting simply by connecting an air hose, air can to the main body and inserting a Gundam marker. The color change is a one touch type just replacing the marker. Cleaning of the main part is also unnecessary, so even beginners can easily paint airbrushes. It is possible to enjoy techniques unique to airbrush, such as uniform and beautiful painting and gradation painting, which was difficult with markers alone. You can paint just by inserting the marker, but if you use it after replacing the pen tip of the marker with the pen core dedicated to the enclosed airbrush, you can suppress the splashing of the paint and make more stable spraying possible."

No Spray

Since Spray is a dangerous goods, we can`t send the Spray from Japan.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

If there is someone who will manage to get the item doesn`t care price, feel free to contact us.