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Kamen Rider Saber DX Seiken Swordriver & Suiseiken Emblem & Lion Senki JAPAN EMS


Condition: NEW


Material: PVC,ABS

Set Contents: DX sacred sword saw driver main body, water sword running water emblem, Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book, Lion Senki Wonderland Book

● DX Holy Sword Saw Driver
Set the Wonder Ride Book on your belt! Take out the flame sword and transform into Kamen Rider Saber!
The transformation page opens, the LED of the sword emits light and the transformation sound is activated! A variety of special moves with swords and kicks are possible!
By combining with optional products, you can play with multiple riders!

● DX Mizuse Ken Ryumizu Emblem & Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book
With the separately sold DX holy sword saw driver's holy sword sword, lead the water sword running water emblem and change mode to water sword running water!
Transform into Kamen Rider Blaze Lion Senki using the included Lion Senki Wonderland Book!

[Batteries used] Single 4 x 3 (sold separately), LR44 x 4 (included)