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NEW NES cartridge converter for retro freak JAPAN OFFICIAL IMPORT


Condition: NEW

Platform: NES

Brand: CYBER Gadget

Retro freak in the NES (overseas edition FC) for the game software play converter [extension adapter corresponding models Fuyaseru of retro freak] retro freak connect the cartridge of the overseas version of Family Computer (Nintendo Entertainment System) This converter can play Te. Just be connected to a retro freak of FC slot, you can also enjoy a beautiful screen by the HDMI connection domestic unreleased title. [also corresponds to the genuine FC body. Safe design] this product orientation of the cartridge is not in the reverse is not only retro freak, it can also be used with genuine family computer. Further, some conventional converters, but also present type to connect to the orientation of NES cartridge upside down, in this product like regular cartridge, can be connected with the label surface before . Product specifications - compatible devices: You may not work properly with retro freak / family computer - part of the game. - compatible models: Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC / PAL) - The set includes: NES cartridge converter × 1 Model Number: CY-RF-6