NEW Nintendo Switch Psyvariar Delta JAPAN OFFICIAL IMPORT

by City connection

Condition: NEW

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Language: Multi-Languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Italy, Germany)


Dangerous action recommendation! Shooting that becomes strong enough to receive enemy bullets
"Cyvalier" is a shooting game that has become popular with the thrill and strategic game system = "BUZZ system" that runs in arcade in 2000 and powers up by blasting its own by bullets of enemies is. This work is a state-of-the-art "Cyvalier" which added two elements of the original "Cyvalier Medium Unit" and its minor change version "Cyvalear Revision" to high resolution and new elements. While feeling the feel as a shooter is respectful of the original as much as possible, it has been reborn as a new form = delta which connects the two pieces and new elements.

New Play Screen & New Option to Support Practice / Capture
Implemented a new UI that allows you to display on-screen information on play, such as acquisition experience value, boss's physical strength, remaining invincible time after level up. For beginners, it is easy to understand, and for advanced users, we visualized a variety of information so that it would be fun to build a strategy. In the option screen, you can finely turn ON / OFF the setting etc which makes the judgment of own machine or enemy clearly display. Moreover, it is also arcade-like vertical screen play by screen rotation option.

The packaged version of the bundled privilege is a code that makes the new aircraft usable
"Blank" decides to participate from JALECO 's shooting "Cybutler" released at arcade in 1993. In addition to 8 directional shots at beam launcher, melee attack with beam sword is possible. You can experience a completely new "Cyvalier" that has never existed before. Besides being able to use the new aircraft "Blanche" in all play modes, arrange music of "cybertler" can also be selected as BGM.

Model number: HAC-P-APH 9A