NEW Nintendo Switch Rockman 11 Unmei no Haguruma!! Collector's Package JAPAN

by Nintendo

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Platform: Nintendo Switch


1Nintendo Switch software "Rockman 11 Fate of Fate !!" 2 Rockman 11 Fate of Fate !! Starter Guide Book 3 Rockman 11 Fate of Destiny! Special Large Drawing Fabric Poster 4amiibo Rockman (Rockman Series)


The long-awaited latest work, "Rockman 11 Fate of Gear !!" finally appears. In addition, the new force "Double Gear System" can now be invoked in the current work, with a graphic drawn to detail with intact operation and gaming characteristics unique to the series!
"Rockman" whose first work was released in December 1987. Numerous epoch-making game systems and fascinated play balance attracted many game fans, the original series up to 10, furthermore, "Rockman X" "Rockman DASH" "Rockman EXE" and many other derivations A work was born. "Rockman 11 Fate of Gear !!" appears as a 30th anniversary work of such "Rockman"!
Evil scientist Dr. Wiley completes forbidden research and attacks a peaceful robot society again! He completed "double gear system". Although it is a device that dramatically increases the capability of a robot, research is frozen from the danger due to too high performance, and it is a related device caused by Dr. Wright and Dr. Wiley to oppose each other. In order to counter the situation, Dr. Wright decides to incorporate the prototype of "double gear system" which Dr. Wiley once made into Rockman. Is it possible that Rockman can stop the ambition of Dr. Wiley!? The fate's gear will start turning again now!
There are plenty of difficulty settings in this work, both beginners and advanced users have become one work that can "enjoy 2D actions" fun to anyone. Not only is the enemy's durability value kept low, but also from the "NEW COMER" who follows the topout trap to prevent one out or fallout, "NEW COMER" is ideal for people who have some blanks even in series experienced people "ADVANCED", "ORIGINAL SPEC." For active players. In addition, we have extensive difficulty setting up to "EXPERT" boasting superior teethiness over conventional work
You can enjoy high-definition graphics like illustrations and action games with smooth movement unique to high frame rate. However, as with the old work "Dot picture", Play Feel has been thoroughly tuned so that a quick response can be tasted. Characteristic actions such as charge shots and sliding are also alive.
"Rockman" celebrating 30th anniversary At last the newest work appeared!
Gimmick full stage
It is said that the boss is tougher than the boss "Rochman" stage on the way.
"Gimmicks and traps that have fought various preferences also prevent players from going, even with" Rockman 11 fate of gear !! ".
New Tikara 'double gear system'
· Speed ​​gear commentary
When the gear is activated, the surrounding time slowly advances.
Beginner's difficulty to exploit support, as well as powerful for super players and time attacks by advanced players.
It is the ability to expand the range of gameplay.
· Power gear commentary
During activation, the number of lock busters increases, and charge shots also power up to double charge shots.
Special power weapons are greatly strengthened when power gear is activated.
It seems that the type of power up to achieve differs depending on weapons.
I want you to enjoy a sense of exhilaration that exerts great destructive power.
· Double Gear Commentary
"Double Gear" that can only be activated when Rockman fell into trouble
It is a risky means of operating two gears simultaneously.
Super speed and super destructive power can be used at the same time, but unlike other gears, it can not be canceled halfway.
Rockman will overheat compulsorily when reaching the limit.


It can be said that it is a double-edged sword that has the power of resuscitation.