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Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Shiny Star V Gym set Japanese Blue Box Pack

Original price $359.88 - Original price $359.88
Original price
$359.88 - $359.88
Current price $359.88

Condition: NEW

Brand: Pokemon Center

Contents1 BOX = 10 packed. 1 pack = 100 cards (randomly included).

・ High class pack "Shiny Star V" x 2 BOX
・ Deck shield x 64 ・ Deck case x 1 ・ Pokemon coin x 1 ・ Card box (outer box) x 1

It is an unopened BOX product because it is sold in the state that it has arrived from the manufacturer.
* This product cannot be returned for any reason.

At the same time as the powerful card of "Shiny Star V", you can get beautiful Lurina goods at once with "High Class Pack Shiny Star V Lurina Set".