SEGA Mega Drive Mini 1 Controller 16 bit Vintage Game Collector Console JAPAN


Condition: NEW

Brand: SEGA

Platform: Sega Mega Drive Mini

Body Size: W154mm x H39mm x D116mm

Set Contents: 


Body ... 1

Controller ... 1 pieces

High-speed HDMI cable ... 1

USB cable (for power supply) ... 1

Instruction manual / warranty


Mega driver must-have! Fits in the palm of the hand 16 bit! Re-prints the mega drive in the same shape as at the time, with a size that fits in the palm. Faithful reproduction of a sophisticated design, such as the power switch and power lamp, reset button, etc. can be operated as the original. (The function of the reset button is different) Although there is no original function such as the lid that opens and closes the cartridge slot, headphone volume, and expansion slot, it reproduces the gimmick as it was back then, and also has play as a miniature. 42 titles included! A full lineup from masterpieces to visionary masterpieces. 42 titles are included. From masterpieces played by everyone at the time, to fantastic masterpieces, third party titles, we have a rich lineup. From genre to action, shooting, puzzles, RPG, and simulation, you can enjoy a wealth of historic masterpiece titles that have a long history. (Recording title announced sequentially) Development by a proven team. Also equipped with convenient features tailored to the times. The hardware is designed around the original mega drive development members. Software development is in charge of the limited company M2 which worked on many reprint softwares such as "Sega 3D reprint" series, and realizes the quality that reproduces as it was as faithfully as possible. 


  Release date is 19th of Sep 2019.