Sega Toys Home Planetarium HOMESTAR Edition Classic Pearl White JAPAN IMPORT


Condition: NEW


Please confirm the following.
Projection distance: The most suitable projection distance is 2-3m.
Focus adjustment dial: If a star is indistinct, please adjust this.
*The dial is in the top of the main body.*
Accessories: Manual, AC adapter, Two pieces of star plates
Manual: Japanese ONLY
Warranty period: 6 manths

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Product Description

Please project on a white or otherwise bright ceiling or wall and use in a dark room. Fill your bedroom with 60,000 twinkling stars. Please use the included AC adapter. The starry sky will revolve around your room in about 12 minutes. You may need to adjust the projection angle and focus point. The manual is in Japanese but it's very easy to enjoy it. The warranty lasts for 6 months after purchase. This product is recommended in...

Main Features

60,000 Stars Optical Planetarium
Shooting Star
The diurnal motion in about 12 minutes
Angle/Pint Adjustment
15/30/60 minutes timer

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