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SONY DLC-HX15 HX Series Premium HDMI Cable 1.5m High Speed 4K 60P 4K HDR UHD

by Sony

Condition: NEW

Brand: SONY

● Premium high-speed HDMI cable certified as a premium HDMI cable that supports 4K 60P and 4K HDR and realizes
     high-definition, wide color gamut, and high-contrast video transmission.
     Premium high speed HDMI cable certification certified-4K 60P / 4K HDR etc. 
     Guaranteed high speed transmission up to 18Gbps

  ● Triple shield, seamless zinc die-cast plug and zinc shield shell suppress noise that causes image quality
     Defines the cable connection direction and has an indication on the cable surface

  ● Supports 18Gbps high-speed transmission
     The cable uses a triple shield structure with strong blocking properties

  ● Each pair of core wires is individually shielded to reduce external noise and mutual interference.
     Highly reliable  AWG30 copper stranded wire is used.

  ● 24K gold-plated seamless zinc die-cast plug and zinc shield shell adopted

     Seamless Zinc Die Casting Plug: 
     Uses a seamless zinc die casting plug.
     The influence of external noise near the plug contacts has been reduced, and stable, high-quality signal
     transmission has been achieved.

     Zinc alloy shield shell structure: 
     The joint between the cable and plug is one of the most susceptible to external noise.
     By adopting a metal shield shell structure inside the plug part of this cable, the influence of external noise is
     reduced and high shielding performance is realized.

     24K plating: 
     Achieves high reliability and durability in the plug part and prevents transmission deterioration due to
     aging such as rust.

     Triple shield with high shielding properties: 
     Two core wires and drain wires with a twist structure are shielded with aluminum tape, and all signal wires including
     the shield are shielded with aluminum tape.
     Furthermore, a 3-shield structure is adopted in which the outside is shielded with a braided lead wire.
     Achieves reduction of high frequency, fixed-period external noise, and mutual interference between signal lines that
     affect signals.

     Highly reliable AWG30 copper stranded wire to the core wire: 
     Reliably transmits the transmission signal of the 4K era, which is faster than before