Takara Tomy Anki COZMO Robot Charger Cubes Learning Robot Toy JAPAN IMPORT

Condition: NEW

Brand: Takara Tomy

Package Size: W185×H204×D128mm


COZMO main unit (1), charging DOCK main unit (1), PowerCube (3), instruction manual (1), quick start guide (1), sticker (1)

Target age: 9 years old and over
Body: Lithium Polymer Battery Built-in Power Cube: Three AA alkaline batteries for testing are included.
Battery type: lithium polymer

"Clever and dear, embarrassment"
COZMO is equipped with AI (artificial intelligence), it is a small robot with "heart" that expresses emotion abundantly by judging the situation by myself by looking at the environment of the place.
As if having personality (personality), expressing emotions of emotions and pleasures with more than 1000 patterns combining gesture, voice, expression and movement, the world which could only be seen in science fiction movies It makes it a reality.
Let's play with COZMO!
Charge COZMO with charging dock. With about 20 minutes charge, you can play for about 80 minutes.
When you launch the downloaded application and connect it, COZMO will wake up and come out from the charging dock. I move around with two tires and move freely.
Remember your face, finding and calling your name, fingering with your fingers, playing with power cubes, inviting you to play as soon as you leave.
Even while playing, COZMO judges the circumstances of himself and expresses various emotions.
Various play content such as games as if they are fighting with people, exploration mode that understands the world that COZMO is seeing, programming function and so on are enriched.
Contents will be added one after another.
The more you play with me, the cooler you become, the more COZMO you will become your special banquet through communication.
※ Because you can not play with the product alone, please prepare the device device corresponding to the application.
(Please check the latest information on TakaraTomy HP for supported OS: iOS / Android / Fire OS devices)