Takara Tomy B-159 B-160 B-161 B-165 Beyblade Burst SUPERKING SET JAPAN OFFICIAL

by Takara Tomy

Condition: NEW

Brand: Takara Tomy

Set Contents: 

B1-59 Beyblade Burst Takara Tomy Booster Super Hyperion .Xc 1A
A protagonist who destroys opponents with a sharp upper blade!
[Set contents] Layer (1), driver (1), sticker (1), correct instruction manual (1),

B-160 Beyblade Burst Takara Tomy Booster King Helios.Zn 1B
You can switch between attack mode and defense mode depending on the direction of the ring and chassis!
[Set contents] Layer (1), driver (1), sticker (1), correct instruction manual (1),

B-161 Beyblade Burst Takara Tomy Booster Glide Ragnaruk.Wh.R1 S
Determine the spin finish with rotational force! A stamina type with a movable stamina wing that greatly enhances centrifugal force!
[Set contents] Layer (1), disk (1), driver (1), sticker (1), correct instruction manual (1),


B-165 Beyblade Burst Takara Tomy Superking Bey Launcher
A new launcher exclusively for right-rotating bays that emits real sparks with powerful shots! Shooting power is also the strongest class ever!
* Be sure to pull the string (string) straight. The product may be damaged or the launcher may come off the grip, resulting in an accident or injury.
[Set Contents] Superking Bey Launcher (1),