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Fast delivery !! No matter how many products you order, the shipping cost is the same !
Fast delivery !! No matter how many products you order, the shipping cost is the same !



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Condition: NEW

Brand: CASIO


  • Length: 145~215mm/25.7mm
    ●Case Size: 46.7×43.2×12.7mm
    ●Weight: 47 g
    ●Impact resistant structure
    ●Tough solar (solar charging system)

    ●20 bar waterproof

    ●Radio receiving function
    Automatic reception (up to 6 times/day) (Chinese signal up to 5 times/day)
    < Japan > Reception radio wave: JJY, Frequency: 40 kHz/60 kHz (model for both Fukushima and Kyushu stations)
    < North America > Reception: WWVB, Frequency: 60 kHz
    < Europe region > Radio wave: MSF/DCF 77, Frequency: 60 kHz/77.5 kHz
    < China > Radio wave: BPC, frequency: 68.5 kHz * If the home time setting is set to a city that can receive signals, the station will be received according to the city.
    Note that the time difference is set according to the city.

    ●World time: 5 pieces
    ・Time displayed in 48 cities worldwide (31 time zones) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
    ・With home time city switching function

    ・1/100 second (less than 1 hour)/1 second (more than 1 hour)
    ・24 hour clock
    ・With Split

    ・Set unit: 1 second
    ・Maximum set: 24 hours
    ・Measured in seconds

    ●Time alarm 5 pieces
    ・1 Piece Only With Snooze Function
    ・Time signal

    ●Battery indicator display

    ●Power saving function
    ・In a dark place, the display is turned off after a certain period of time to save electricity.

    ●Perpetual Calendar
    ●12/24 time display switching
    ●Operation sound ON/OFF switching function

    ●Date Display
    ・Month/Day Display Change

    ●Day of week display
    ・Switch to six languages: English, Western, French, German, Italian, and Russian

    ●LED backlight
    ・Full auto light
    ・Super illuminator
    ・Afterglow function
    ・With Afterglow Time Switching (1.5 sec./3 sec.)

    ●Driving time from full charge to no solar power generation
    ・When using the function: Approximately 10 months
    ・In the power-saving mode: Approximately 22 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gordon Shure
G Shock purchase.

Nice transaction experience, love product.

Sven Wostmann
Best Watch

Thx for all.
And for the fast Delivery

Ciaran Doughty
A great, solid watch.

I bought this watch with the intention of upgrading from a much cheaper non G-SHOCK, and I'm glad I did. The carbon fibre strap was a real eye catcher for me and not only does it look good, it also helps to make the watch more lightweight. The titanium buckle is very well finished and looks great. The main unit itself looks great with its slightly translucent shell, and sharp display. For the features and build Casio provide, the price I paid was very good deal. I would recommend this watch for anyone looking for one in the £100-£200 price range. My one gripe with this watch is that the strap seems to have a very soft covering on it, which I was able to scratch quite easily with my fingernail.

Alexander S.

Der Artikel entsprach der Beschreibung und war mängelfrei.
Der Kundendienst antwortete schnell auf meine Frage.
Der Versand erfolgte schnell und sicher verpackt.
Ich würde hier wieder kaufen.

Huilfredo Rosario
Great deal

Great deal fast delivery will buy again 😀

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