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Weiss Schwarz Hololive Production Booster Box Pack 2021 Vtuber TCG Virtual Card

Venta Venta
Precio original $160.04 - Precio original $1,600.40
Precio original $800.20
$160.04 - $1,590.40
Precio actual $160.04
Buy in bulk and save : 1 BOX

Condition: NEW


Language: Japanese

Contents1 BOX = 16 packs. 1 pack = 9 cards. 144 normal cards (tentative) + 144 parallel cards (tentative) are randomly enclosed. 

  1 BOX does not contain all cards.

All 144 normal cards in this product have sparkling special edition Bararel cards, making it a great product for collection!
The cards are also compatible with the Trial Deck + (Plus) cards scheduled for release on September 24, 2021, allowing you to create a deck with your favorite talents!
Contains 31 talents from Hololive Production!
Hololive 0] Sora Tokino, Roboko-san, Miko Sakura, Suisei Hoshigai [Hololive 1] Meru Yozora, Fubuki Shirakami, Matsuri Natsuiro, Hato Akai, Aki Rosenthal
[Hololive 2] Akua Minato, Ayame Hyakki, Choko Yuuki, Zion Murasaki, Subaru Ozora
[Horolive Gamers] Fubuki Shirakami, Mio Ookami, Nekomata Okayu, Korone Inugami
Horolive 3] Flare Shiranui, Noel Shiragin, Marine Hozane, Peco Usuda, Rushiya Junha [Horolive 4] Kanata Amane, Coco Kiryu, Watame Kakumaki, Toi Tokoyami, Luna Himemori [Horolive 5] Ramie Yukibana, Nene Momozu, Botan Shishiro, Polka Omaru

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Niklas Scheulen

IT was delivered faster than estimated without any Kind of damging. I will recommend to my friends, that buying through this site is absolutely worth IT.

Arthur Perez
Hololive booster box pack

Very good quality, came nicely packaged and will definitely buy again!!! 👍

Fabian Popp
great product

the overall quality of this product is just great, way over my expetations (this includes paper and print quality). Also was shipped very securely, that barely any demage on the product was visible (minor dents at the corners)


Order was shipped very fast and carefully packaged. Exceeded expectations. I had previously bought this product from this store but never left a review. All 3 times I made this purchase delivery was exceptionally fast. I will definitely buy from here again.

Paolo Asuan

Weiss Schwarz Hololive Production Booster Box Pack 2021 Vtuber TCG Virtual Card